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Top 10 Most Spectacular Trekking Areas in Scandinavia

As the winter draws to a close and summer begins to call, itís time to get back to nature and go trekking. If youíre tired of the usual trekking destinations, then check out these Scandinavian trails and witness nature like never before.

1. Kungsleden

Without question Swedenís best known trail, Kungsleden stretches for 440 km over the Arctic Circle and offers plenty for the traveller. There are several interesting sites here, but the best is between the Nikkaluokta and Abisko villages, and you can also hike up to Kebnekaise, Swedenís highest peak.

2. Hoga Kusten Trail

This trail is most notable for the land, as it rises one centimetre a year, and it is also the location of the Skuleskogen National Park, where you can enjoy gorgeous, natural vistas.

3. Skaneleden

Northern Sweden has a lot trekking destinations, but the south has many to offer too, not the least being Skaneleden. The trail is comprised of four routes encompassing 1000 km, and it is rich in birds and wildlife.

4. Upplandsleden

Situated near Stockholm, itís not just a great place to go trekking but also staying overnight in cabins. The trail spans 400 km and goes through forests, farms and villages.

5. Hardangervidda

The Hardangervidda boasts of over 30 huts and almost numberless trails, and itís the place to be if you are serious about trekking. There are short trails available, but be prepared to spend 7 to 12 days hiking if you want to go through everything.

6. Bessegen Ridge

This is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Norway, surrounded as it is by majestic mountain ranges and alpine lakes. Walking is fine, but most finish up the trek by riding the boat at Memurubu, and itís a sight to behold.

7. Keipane

Often called the perfect fjord, Keipane seemingly has a bit of everything. Surrounded by towering mountains and waterfalls, itís the perfect place to go trekking and get away from it all. There are walks to Vesterasfjellet and Losta, as well as Geirangerfjord views.

8. Dovrefjell

This isnít just a haven for trekkers but also one of the few places on Earth where you can see musk oxen in the wild. In addition, the trails arenít that difficult to cross and wonít tax you.

9. Norangsdal

The best view here is at the trail leading to Patchellhytta Hut, and you can use that hat as a starting point for other destinations like the majestic Sunnmore Alps. Note though, that this valley is quite challenging so only serious trekkers should try this.

10. Pulpit Rock

Hanging 600 metres from the waters of Lysefjord, the view on Pulpit Rock is one of the best in all of Scandinavia. If your idea of a great trekking experience includes stunning views of nature, be sure to include Pulpit Rock in your destination. Once youíve decided where to go trekking, remember to get Globetrekkers travel insurance. The last things on your mind when travelling are accidents and other problems, but you can never be sure so itís best to get Globetrekkers travel insurance.

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