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How to Compare Globetrekkers Travel Insurance

Every explorer knows the value of good travel insurance in making trips worry-free and more enjoyable. However, there are just so many insurance services around it is often difficult to decide which one suits your needs best. Here are a few tips to help you choose.

Your Travel Purpose and Destination

The first thing you need to do is to look at your itinerary. Are you simply going around shopping in city centres or are you doing extreme sports in remote locations? Will you be traveling in a pre-arranged tour package or traveling independently? These things will largely determine the type of travel insurance you will need. A basic travel insurance will probably suffice if you are planning on light activities in regularly visited places. However, if you are going on skiing trips and doing winter sports in relatively remote locations you would need a more extensive coverage.

The Globetrekkers travel insurance comes in Standard for no-frills coverage, and Standard Plus for additional benefits. The Standard package includes cost reimbursement for trip cancellation and missed departure, and medical repatriation including hospital confinement and dental benefits. The Standard Plus includes all these plus additional personal accident coverage for death and disablements, loss of personal possessions including passport and important documentation, and legal expenses.

The Difference is in the Fine Print

Most travel insurance may look like they offer the same coverage but be careful to look at the fine print because there are differences in the details. For example, all travel insurance may seem to offer the same medical repatriation and hospital confinement coverage but some offer more such as dental benefits. A trip to the dentist may seem far out of your mind when planning your trip but a terrible toothache can set you back seriously. Only a few travel insurance plans carry a dental coverage but fortunately, the Globetrekkers travel insurance includes dental treatment benefits.

Check for Support Services and Claim Procedures

Travel insurance packages may look very pretty in paper but if support services are shoddy or non-existent it is not worth a single Euro. The whole essence of a travel insurance is provide assistance when you most need it. This is why the Globetrekkers travel insurance not only provides great coverage it also gives optimum assistance with 24-hour hotlines to respond to your emergencies. When you are abroad in a strange place, a medical emergency will seem very scary and overwhelming but Globetrekker's emergency assistance will handle negotiations on your behalf and can even pay the hospital directly on certain instances.

A good travel insurance should have no-fuss claims procedures so you can enjoy your benefits quickly and without inconveniences. Be sure to verify the claims procedures of your travel insurance choices.

Finally, signing up for a travel insurance policy should not consume as much time and effort as would planning your trip. That is why enrolling in a Globetrekkers travel insurance is made quick and easy. You simply have to choose your preferred package from the website, key-in relevant personal information, pay online, and you are good to go.

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