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Top 5 Tips for Globetrekkers

The world beckons and you, of course, are only too willing to oblige. There is so much to see and so many new things to try you could not wait to get started on your globetrekking adventure. Well, hold your horses. Here are 5 things to help you get the most out of your trip.

1. Travel Light

Unless you can teleport, there is no way you can evade the arduous task of packing stuff to take with you on your adventure. The operative words here are light and multi-purpose. Carrying a heavy bag can easily take the fun out of your travel so make an effort to travel light - as light as you can go. This might seem a bit tricky when there are just so many things you think you need to bring along. The way to decide which to leave behind is to actually do a rehearsal. Pack your things and try carrying them around.

Pretty soon you will see that there are just some things that are not worth the weight. Clever arrangement of your things can save you precious bag space. You can stuff underwear and socks inside shoes. Roll your shirts as small as you can. Buy toiletries in little packs or put shampoos and toothpaste in little bottles.

2. Bring Stuff with Multi-Purpose Use

When deciding which stuff to bring, look for multi-purpose use. Cargo pants with enough pockets to double as your day bag can save you space and weight. Shoes that are sturdy and comfortable for day treks but stylish enough to wear on night outs are great investments. You only really need two sets of clothes when travelling - one you wear while the other one is drying.

Invest in a mobile phone or watch with reliable GPS capabilities so you don't have to bring additional devices and always bring adaptors for your gadgets if you are traveling abroad.

3. Travel Smart

Always confirm the details of your travel. Flight schedules, transportation arrangements, hotel bookings, opening and closing hours of places you will be visiting, hunting or trekking guidelines - draw up a detailed itinerary with all these details so you avoid surprise detours and will be able to maximize your vacation time.

4. Invest in Good Equipment

There are some travel essentials you just can't compromise on. The quality of your bags and shoes, for example, can spell the difference between an enjoyable trek and an annoying time at a haberdasher. You also need a good camera with a sturdy case that can withstand the elements. Don't forget to bring extra batteries. Your camera will document the beauty of the places you will be visiting so if there is anything worth spending an extra pound on it should be a quality camera. If you expect to spend time in the woods, invest in a good tent and camping supplies.

5. Get Yourself Insured

No matter how well you prepare, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. To make sure that you are fully covered for these events, get yourself a Globetrekkers travel insurance. This would provide you with protection against travel cancellations and delays, medical problems and accidents, and even lost baggage and properties. A Globetrekkers travel insurance can assist you in times of emergencies even when you are in a foreign place with their 24-hour hotlines. Just as you would invest in good quality equipment when travelling, it is wise to invest in quality travel coverage with a Globetrekkers travel insurance package to make sure you enjoy your adventure to the max.

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