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In the popular locations section we should share our knowledge of the world and of its most picturesque nooks along with the places of interest which are definitely worthwhile seeing. If you are still hesitating where to go and still cannot make up your mind take a look at this section you might find it very helpful. The section is being constantly updated.

Indulge into multicultural environment stay at hostel!

The first permanent youth hostel was created in 1912 in Germany city of Altena by Richard Shcirrmann, it was located inside of the Altena castle. Those rooms are on display now while the youth hostel is relocated within the castle grounds after the reconstruction.
Hostels also known as youth hostels provide accommodation for travellers generally for the short period of time. In Australia and New Zealand hostels are called backpackers, they support outdoor activities and encourage cultural exchange for the young.
Guest rents a bed or bunk bed in a dormitory and shares bathroom, kitchen, and lounge rooms. Check if there are private rooms, they are often available. The main advantage of the hostel is that one gets to meet travellers from all over the world. Hostels are much cheaper than hotels on top of it. They are most often used by young travellers, that is the reason why in the past there used to be an age limit, but nowadays guests of all ages are gladly accepted by hostels.
Hostel is a unique tool of multicultural enlightenment. There is plenty of interaction between guests, compared to scarce interaction in the hotels, plus many hostels provide low cost or even free activities to their guests in which you can indulge with your new acquaintance. However, there are some potential drawbacks that you might discover. Theft might be a problem since guests share a common living space, look up your belongings to prevent it. At the same time be foreseeable enough to purchase personal gear insurance policy to keep you confident, although most hostels do offer some sort of storage for your valuables (lockers) to secure yourself once more never hurts. The other potential drawback of staying in hostels is sleep problems caused by noise, whether somebody snores or returning back late at night. For this reason there are fixed times for the last admission and lights out. For the light sleepers ear plugs are highly recommended.
Traditionally the low price of hostels was mainly maintained with the help of guests who helped with chores, these days this practice is less common. Although still some hostels employ their long-term residents as desk clerks in exchange for free housing.
Most of the hostels belong to the non-profit organisation (Hostelling International) composed of more than 90 associations representing about 4000 hostels in over 80 countries. The rest of the hostels are privately owned or belong to the smaller hostel associations and chains. Private hostels have higher standards and are often offering twin and double rooms along with dorms, the have also fewer rules.

Translations for: Hostel

Nederlands (Dutch)
(jeugd)herberg, hospitium, kosthuis, studentenhuis, tehuis

Francais (French)
foyer, auberge de jeunesse

Deutsch (German)
n. - Wohnheim, Herberge
v. - in Herbergen ubernachten

Italiano (Italian)
ospizio, locanda

Portugues (Portuguese)
n. - hospedaria (f)
v. - hospedar

Espanol (Spanish)
n. - parador, albergue, residencia, hotel
v. intr. - albergarse en un hostal diferente cada noche

Svenska (Swedish)
n. - hospits, gasthem, harbarge, studenthem
v. - luffa (omkring), resa fran vandrarhem till vandrarhem

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