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What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance protects traveller’s vacation cost against cancellation and interruption while also providing medical, lost or damaged property and travel delay coverage. Travellers are reimbursed if they have to cancel or interrupt their travel, they are also covered should the need arise for emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation, repatriation and a number of other situations.

Travel insurance can be broken down into the following major categories:

Trip Cancellation - Reimburses travellers unable to take their trip due to Illness or death (of the traveller or a close family member, or business associate), Jury Service, subpoena, quarantine, redundancy or government restriction.

Trip Curtailment -  Reimburses travellers if they have to cut short their trip due to Illness or death (of the traveller or a close family member or business associate), the hijack of the aircraft, vessel or vehicle in which you are travelling or you are requested to return home by the Fire or Police Authorities following a fire, theft, storm or flood. You must receive the prior approval of the Emergency Assistance Service to confirm the necessity to return home.

Medical/Health - Reimburses medical and emergency dental costs. If you need medical attention, you should immediately call the Emergency Assistance Service who are available 24 hours a day 365 day a year. They will explain what you need to do and make any necessary arrangements on your behalf. If you suffer from any Pre-Existing medical condition, you must disclose this at the time of arranging cover, otherwise you could find that you are not properly insured and your claim may not be paid.

Medical Evacuation/Repatriation - Provides emergency transportation to either a local hospital in the event the traveller is unable to get there by themselves or in the event of Repatriation, back to a hospital near the traveller's home. In the event of your death, the policy will pay for the reasonable cost of burial or cremation in the locality where the death occurs and/or the cost of transport of body or ashes for an amount not exceeding £5,000. If family members are covered on the same policy they can return home as well. You must receive the prior approval of the Emergency Assistance Service.

Personal Accident -  This section allows for a lump sum payment (in addition to medical expenses) for Death or Permanent total disablement.

Delayed Departure – This section will provide cover up to the amount shown in your Summary of Cover if your aircraft, vessel, train or coach booked for the first outward leg or first return leg of your journey is delayed for at least 12 hours as a result of Strike, industrial action, adverse whether conditions ormechanical breakdown of the vehicle. If your outward journey is delayed by more than 12 hours, you can elect to abandon the holiday.

Baggage Loss - Reimburses travellers for lost, stolen or damaged personal items. This coverage is usually for the duration of the trip and not confined to baggage damaged or lost by the airline. There are three policy limits, total claim, maximum single item and total valuables. Some policies also place limits on the type of items that can be claimed for such as jewellery, laptops and sporting goods. Ask Globelink about additional cover for specified items.

Assistance Services - Provides a 24 hour advice and assistance service to travellers. This service can be used anytime a traveller needs advice. Policies usually also provide cover for Delayed Baggage, Loss of money, Passport and Travel documents. Personal Liability, Legal Expenses, Mugging and Hijack.

Travel insurance cover can defray the following expenses:

In meeting the cost of medical assistance

  • Connected to an emergency and first aid care
  • Connected to out-patient treatment, including medical assistance expenses
  • Connected to dental treatment
  • Connected to hospitalisation, including operation expenses
  • Connected to diagnostic observations, prescribed medication, and bandaging units.

In rendering medical transportation help

  • Connected to transportation from the place of an accident to the nearest medical institution
  • Connected to medical repatriation of an insured person from abroad to a place of permanent residence or to a nearest medical institution at place of residence where medically necessary.
  • Connected to repatriation of the remains of an insured person, sanctioned by insurer, to a place of person's permanent residence, if his death was a result of insured accident or illness.

You can also conclude a treaty of a voluntary medical insurance and insurance from accidents.

What to do if something happens

  • contact an Emergency Assistance Services representative (a representative acting for your insurance company)   on the phone number indicated in your policy document.
  • explain your situation (tell the representative your name and surname, policy number and its period of validity, describe the circumstances of an illness or injury and the nature of the help needed)
  • follow the representative’s instructions (The Emergency Assistance Service will assess the position and arrange whatever assistance is agreed.
  • inform the doctor or hospital about your policy coverage (this will save you from unnecessary explanations and misunderstandings)

  • Remember: always carry your policy coverage with you, at least its copy!