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Travel Insurance Comes First

Organizing your travelling adventure takes up time and effort, do not let your efforts to be in vain. Even the best planned travel can be ruined by unforeseeable consequences. Comprehensive travel insurance is a must when on road. If planned carefully, it will help you to deal with many problems and ensure that you are taken care of should things go wrong.
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Aussies and Kiwis Information

Our entire range of policies are available to Australian and New Zealand passport holders who are currently living in UK. Aussies and Kiwis Cover is for round trip journeys from UK and also for one way trips of up to 12 months duration and can be optionally extended to include Repatriation to your home country where medically necessary. The additional Repatriation cover must be included for one way trips exceeding 31 days. We have no minimum residency period but you should get yourself registered with a GP in the UK.

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Travelling Tips

Travelling Insurance:

Keep it in your mind, once and for all, travelling with no insurance puts you at serious risk which you might not be able to handle. Forget about cutting corners and travelling without this important protection.. Plan your insurance carefully according to your needs. Seek expert help to find travel insurance that best suits your needs.

Backpackers Insurance:

Even if you are travelling on a tight budget, insurance is not an item of expenses cut. Do not assume that you will not need it, get rid of the "it won't happen to me" assumption. Life guarantees surprises, not necessarily pleasant ones, and only insurance guarantees that you will be taken care of.

Extreme Activities Insurance:

Are you are a keen thrill lover? Great, enjoy it even more knowing that there is a back up plan for you. You need insurance more than anyone, make sure you get one with comprehensive medical coverage specifically specialized on extreme sports.

Personal Possessions Insurance:

Now that you are safe and covered, you might want to take care of the valuables you have on you. Those are cameras, laptops, items of personal use and pretty much everything so dear to your heart. Thefts do happen. Sometimes you are too tired to be on guard, however thieves are always alert; plus your luggage might just get lost. The situations vary, save yourself a headache and be prepared to face difficulties with the gear insurance.

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